A Historical Travel Narrative

Anvil Publishing
April 2018

“Ramon Vilaró is a veteran journalist…(who) has also written fiction which perhaps explains the literary flavor of his reportaje… (Mabuhay is) excellent geography, history, and even cultural anthropology for it tries to unravel the deeper nature of the Filipinos.” –F. SIONIL JOSE, National Artist of the Philippines for Literature.

Critic reviews

His current book is a journey that sets off on foot starting in Intramuros and ends up in a current reflection on Davao, Duterte country, before summming things up in the busines nexus of Makati. Along the way, almost incidentally, Vilaró has told us this country´s story. It´s a history lesson packed with local color and flavor

(The Philippine Star - Scott Garceau - May 6, 2018)

It is clear then that Vilaró is going to continue the unique and powerful relationship he has with the Philippines, a bond that is highlighted by “Mabuhay: A Historical Travel Narrative.” Like the country he writes about, he is a man of two natures, someone who visits but never really left

(Philippine Daily Inquirer - Ruel S. De Vera - April 30, 2018)

Mabuhay has aroused considerable interest in the press and literary circles of the Philippines since April 21 arrived in Manila on the occasion of World Book Day, the annual party in which both countries explore their literary and cultural ties ... It relates the writer Ramon Vilaró in Mabuhay, one of the most complete works to date on this Asian country

(Agencia EFE - Atahualpa Amerise - April 26, 2018 )

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