Bienvenidos a Filipinas

Editorial Península
May 2017

Mabuhay, welcome. It is the expression with which the Filipinos receive those who, like Ramon Vilaró, come from away. Few know better than this journalist and writer the new fashion destination of Southeast Asia, whose political jolts have often been a direct witness. Especially the most remembered, such as the end of the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and the revolts that brought Cory Aquino to power.

Despite this, this is not just a tour of the recent history of the Philippines. Deeply knowledgeable of the country, Vilaró usually seeks out in his travels the still alive traces of more than three centuries of Spanish colonization. In Baler they resisted the last of the Philippines and in the valley of Cagayan they still remember the visits of Jaime Gil de Biedma, employee of the General Company of Tobacco of Philippines. The Spanish surnames survive - imposed on the population - and, in Zamboanga del Sur, even some remains of chabacano.

Mabuhay is above all an invitation to undertake, happily, a trip to a country as near as distant, as unknown as familiar, intensely. Alive, to which its tourist attraction and the presidency of the controversial Rodrigo Duterte have put again in the forefront of the present time.

Critic reviews

If in his countless incursions Vilaró has experienced the most outstanding changes carried out by the ruling classes and the big businessmen, and has stayed in the most luxurious hotels, he has also installed seasons in humble huts on the beach, from where he has impregnated with the vibration of the common people. A country worth visiting and a good book to read during the holidays

(La Vanguardia - Toni Coromina - - 30 juny 2007)

Deep knowledgeable of the country, Vilaró usually looks for in his trips the tracks still alive of more than three centuries Spanish colonization. A recommended book about a country worth visiting. - Alfred Greens - 14 agost 2017)

Ramon Vilaró has an extensive cultural background that has made him one of the greatest in travel literature

(Lonely planet Traveller - Didac Martí - Setembre 2017 )

It is a book more than, like all the previous ones, the reading turns out to be an authentic delight

(El Punt-Avui - Josep Valls - 10 setembre 2017)

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