Published: Puzzle Editorial de Libros S.L
ISBN: 978-84-96525-95-5
March 2006

Dainichi means the Highest Buddha. With this name, Francisco Javier, was the first western monk to set foot in Japan in the middle of 16th century. This novel recreates the epic adventure of the Spanish Jesuit who spent more than two years trying to christianize the people of the refined profile of a country so completely different from the European culture. His arrival to the islands aboard a Chinese pirate ship, the first contact and the overwhelming culture crash, the difficult relationship with the powerful daimio and the buddhist bonzos and the shintoists, his efforts to translate and spread the Christian message, the trip around southern Japan to meet with the emperor, his achievements, his doubts and his failures...

This is an entertaining book which remains true to historical facts and presents the human side of a hardened veteran and one of the greatest and little-known Spanish adventurers.

Critic reviews

Saint Francis Xavier was the first to set foot on Western religious Japan in the sixteenth century. His mission was to bring the Catholic faith to a completely foreign country not only to European beliefs, but also their culture and social organization

(La Vanguardia - Magazine - Editorial Preview - 28 January 2001)

The holy epic navarro in evangelization of the Far East was a good topic for writing novels. The journalist Ramón Vilaró correspondent many years in Japan, has written an excellent novel, which is read with pleasure and tells that religious and human adventure

J.G. (El País - Babelia - 28 April 2001)

Dainichi is the word he used on his Francis Xavier arrived in Japan to make known God in this country which was then very closed to the outside

(El Correo Español - El Pueblo Vasco - 24 February 2001)

For the history of Japan there is a before and after of Francis Xavier

(Faro de Vigo - Vigo Lighthouse Club - 22 March 2001)

Francis Xavier is the great unknown adventurer.

Eduard Batlle (El Punt - Interview - 22 April 2001)

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